Demma Fruit is a well rounded company, with a long history in the area.  Customer service is our number one concern and want to provide the customer great services along with quality product.

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We've complied a nice information sheet on Mushrooms.

"Our Focus is on delivering the best and freshest produce to your table"

Demma Fruit Company bases its origin back to 1937. It was at this time Anthony Demma started the company as nothing more then a street vendor. He would run a small truck into Chicago, pick his produce then sell it out of the truck on the streets of Lincoln. His market included house wife's and the restaurants in the city.

  • 5.07.2009

    Demma Fruit's new website, we just launch the site today and will be doing a few updates over the next week.

  • Fresh Trends 2009; The stock market tanked, gas prices soared, the number of consumers seeking food stamps skyrocketed.  There‚Äôs no question that consumers have taken a good, hard look at their food budgets this year.

  • We feel we have partnered ourselves with many strong Marketing Partners.  We have chose these partners because of the excellent quality of their products and the strong market share those companies hold.

Below is a list of different market news sites that contain good information on the produce industry and important market news:  Produce News  /   The Packer.

The Packer has been reporting every week on the produce industry since 1893. serves fresh fruit and vegetable growers, packers, and shippers; produce retailers; foodservice distributors; fresh-cut processors; wholesale produce distributors, and allied product and service providers.